16mm Association Bulletin Item May 2018

The group formed together most recently covering South West Wales area with Carmarthenshire being the central area for the moment, we currently stand at eight persons strong and hoping to gain more over the coming years.

Our first meeting was simple, we had a ‘Bring Along’ stand which demonstrated models from the group, an activity which was planting a ruined building as a group and a general chat in the warmth of a large shed with a fire. The event was Hosted by Cain Howley just outside Carmarthen, the track was in 45mm gauge with plans to convert to 32mm on the next meeting.

The photos show the ruined building getting planted which now sits proudly on Cain’s railway, the models were created beautifully by Peter Butler who has a raw talent and eye for detail. All of Peter’s Models are scratch-built and run on 32mm track. The other photo shows one end of Cain’s railway which has been used a few times by the group.

The group has a mixed field of experience and our core values for the group are to share experience, help each other in build projects and to generally socialize with likeminded persons. Our next meeting will be at Cain’s again as he has new track to lay and would be an excellent chance to all meet up again in April.

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