June 18 Meet at the Brockhampton & Umbridge Railway

On a damp June day we assembled at the Brockhampton and Umbridge Railway to run trains and eat plenty of excellent cake.

Scratchbuilt Ffestiniog Baldwin

An exquisite scratch built Ffestiniog Baldwin visiting the line

Chough at the crossing

Chough, a visitor from the Moel Rhos Railway, steaming over the level crossing

Empty slate outside Llareggub

A visiting rake of slate wagons hauled by an IP Engineering diesel

Beautifully finished slate wagons

The beautiful finish on these Slaters slate wagons

On the water tower at Brockhampton

The Brockhampton & Umbridge’s Alco and exquisite Double Fairlie Merddin Emrys.

Brockhampton platform

Waiting at Brockhampton for a train to take a pig (Wilbur?) to market

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