June 19 Meet at Alpenferry

Our June meeting took place at Alpenferry, currently perhaps the only 45mm gauge layout in our group(?) though it won’t be the only one soon! It is a G scale layout in an alpine setting, featuring two (physically separate) loops capable of independent running.

The beautiful garden surrounding it is abundant in lively detail, with little vignettes that it may take you ages to spot (I was still spotting them after hours of running, and indeed there was one detail I only notice when looking at the following photographs!) Unfortunately I forgot to bring my macro lens so I haven’t done them justice – I’ll remember next time – but there were high-tech 360 degree photos and on-train videos taken which may perhaps appear here in the future…!

Regner Konrad regauged to 45mm brings live steam to Alpenferry

The garden was well sheltered from a brisk wind and as the sun came out we began to roast – a perfect day for the delicious impressive seasonal buffet, followed by cake and summer pudding!

Although there is track power, locomotion was primarily live steam provided by the Moel Rhos Railway’s visiting Regner (regauged to 45mm and coping fine with LGB radius 1 curves). This has a new water top up, only recently fitted, and taking advantage it ran for close to 4 hours! Our meeting was timed to coincide with a public event so there was plenty of interest in “is it real steam?” and some promising signs we’d made some young converts to the hobby.

LGB Schoema on the upper circuit
One of the bridges that are a feature of Alpenferry
At the park…
Wedding at the chapel
The Regner running past the windmill which is a new structure making its debut
Some famous French visitors overlook the cycle race
Waiting for the train in the strong alpine sun
Over and under
Quayside detail and a beautiful and practical way to represent sea
The campers (one of the newest additions – the tent is waterproof!)
The lead cyclists emerge
The promising first signs of an extension

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  1. What a brilliant line, I love it. The cyclists better hope the barrier lifts though…lol. I like the way the line just meanders along through the foliage. It’s a great looking line that is really worth a visit…..


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