June ’23 meeting at the Shearstream Light Railway

Our second June visit, on an incredible warm and sunny day, was to the Shearstream Light Railway – with its two independent circuits on different levels, joined by impressively engineered and steeply graded tracks, plus a further line down to a lower terminus – and a reversing loop at the top to allow out and back running. While the complexity of the line provided quite a challenge to the overheated operators, the clever design ensured there was capacity for four or five trains to run simultaneously – provided we took care on the two-way linking lines! This extensive activity certainly gave us an appetite for the delightful lunchtime spread, after which we even managed to make an excursion to the coast path to rest our brains and appreciate some local scenery.

Linda ready to depart the terminus (photo: Dinah)
Passing on different levels (photo: Simon Wood)
Railway with a view (photo: Dinah)
IP Engineering Jessie (photo: Dinah)
Welsh Pony on the lower loop (photo: David Lewis)
Four wheelers on the middle loop (photo: Dinah)
Benny the Booze on home turn (photo: Simon Wood)
Hunslet with passengers (photo: Dinah)
View from our lunchtime excursion (photo: Dinah)
This 12″/foot rocket cart shed on our excursion provides inspiration for an engine shed (photo: Dinah)
Transporting a car (photo: Dinah)
Eva with the milk train (photo: David Lewis)
Jerry Irwin coaches (photo: Dinah)
Regner with empty slates (photo: Dinah)
Reversing at the top (photo: Dinah)
Milk train in the gorge (photo: Dinah)
Above the gorge (photo: Dinah)
Lilla steaming through the fiddle yard (photo: Simon Wood)
Beginning the descent (photo: Dinah)
Regner Konrad steaming round the top (photo: Dinah)
“Fresh Milk Daily” (photo: David Lewis)
Middle of the gorge (photo: Dinah)
Clara reaching the top (photo: Simon Wood)
Waiting to join the middle loop (photo: Dinah)

The video shows a few driver’s eye views of the line.

There are also a lot more of Simon’s photos in his web album of the meet-up.

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