16mm Association Bulletin Item August 2018

The Newly formed SW Wales group formed fairly recently and has doubled in numbers since the end of last year when it was created, it now stands at eleven.

We have had two meetings this quarter with a third looming this July, that’s not bad, we aimed at one a month during the summer months. Peter Butler hosted us on our most recent gathering, if you have not seen his work with his modelling ability you would be impressed, Peter has created a very realistic model infrastructure and it blends in wonderfully to his rural garden setting. We had a few runarounds with some locos we all brought, the drizzle at times pushed us into the cake area!

Our wet weather plan was to create the start of an abbey in ruins from scratch and as best we could from concrete. We knocked up a wood flat box form and chopped up foam insulation for the windows and finger joints, we filled with Post-Crete and set to with the watering can. An hour or so later after more cakes we took the box apart to see the results. Unfortunately, we had forgot to wet the area under the Post-Crete first so the edges were a little powdery, we left it in Peter’s capable hands to let it cure some more before taking out the final piece.

As you can see from the pictures it came out ok, it has since been glued together at the finger joints, its future will continue to give us an activity at meetings, we hope to continue with the build next meeting in July. It is looking good so far though.

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