July 19 Meet at The Fairwood Valley Light Railway

Our July meeting was attended by 14 members of the group, who took a trip through the spectacular garden in which the Fairwood Valley Light Railway is set. A delightful line with some spectacular feats of civil engineering!

The Garden (1)
Setting the scene… the beautiful garden in which the railway is set (photo by Peter Butler)
The Garden (2)
More of the spectacular garden (Photo by Peter Butler)
The long view
Long view of the railway (Photo by Peter Butler)
Crossing the bridge
Crossing on the lower of two bridges (Photo by Peter Butler)
Long bridge
A Mamod Boulton hauls passengers across the long bridge (Photo by Peter Butler)
Lucy with the heritage train passing the Boulton in the foreground
Another shot of the Boulton on the long bridge
Another shot of the Boulton on the long bridge
The Mamod Boulton
The Mamod Boulton emerges from the trees
Moss encroaches on the railway
Moss evoking an atmosphere of an overgrown line
Two passenger trains
Two passenger trains
Agricultural activity
Passing some agricultural activity
Over and under
Over and under
Over and under (2)

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