October 19 meet at the Brockhampton and Umbridge Railway

For the second of our October meets we returned to the Brockhampton & Umbridge Railway. This time the rain was heavy, and the hospitality shed warm and even more welcoming – but there were gaps in the showers when the sun shone, and the beautifully modelled buildings were reflected in the puddles and the wet pavements.

Despite the weather there was a nearly constant train service, but the photographers took shelter during the showers… The breaks were long enough to get some video footage too. Meanwhile with a fine lunch laid out, and an ample supply of tea, coffee and cakes in the hospitality shed, the weather’s interruptions provided a welcome excuse to take a break, get warmed by the wood burner and enjoy a good chinwag.

A Bachman Double Fairlie emerges from the engine shed at Brockhampton, ready for service (photo: Simon Wood)
The Railway Hotel looks particularly inviting in this wet weather (photo: SW)
A (still) unfinished and rather wet PS Models Hudson Hunslet at Brockhampton station (photo: RS)
Roundhouse Little John with GRS skips (Photo: Peter Butler)
The Bachman Double Fairlie passing the Brockhampton water tower (photo: RS)
Vegetation creeps up the wall (photo: SW)
The Little John hauls the empties past Brockhampton (photo: SW)
Trains cross here (photo: SW)
Moel Rhos No 3 with loaded skips (photo: RS)
The empty skip train pauses on the viaduct (photo: SW)
A naturally rusted IP Engineering diesel, on naturally mossy tracks (photo: PB)
Moel Rhos No 3 with a plume of steam (photo: RS)
The Angel of the West reflected in the puddles (photo: SW)
The pavements glisten after the rain (photo: SW)
During a rain shower we admired this (track-powered, so stationary) 7mm scale City of London (photo: PB)
A 7mm Coronation Class in the 16mm Umbridge Station evokes the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway (photo: PB)
A Roundhouse Lilla gleaming in the sunshine (photo: PB)
Running behind the chapel (photo: SW)
Lilla passing the Railway Hotel (photo: SW)
Next door to Crafty Things is still not let (photo: SW)
Three colours brightly lit as the sun comes out on a dark day (photo: SW)
Roundhouse Lilla with the B&URPS heritage train (photo: PB)
The heritage train rescued by the Double Fairlie (photo: SW)
Diesel hauled mixed train (photo: SW)
Don’t worry, Benny’s not lost his bottle – it’s in his basket (photo: SW)

And finally, here’s around 5 minutes of video…

Some clips of the various trains running during the day (video: SW)

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