June ’23 meeting at the Preseli Mountain Railway

There were perfect running conditions for the inaugural running session at the Preseli Mountain Railway, the first of the group’s June meetings. We were again lucky with the weather, particularly as we were almost as high above sea level as you can get in Pembrokeshire. A superb lunch was enjoyed, and running trains resumed. The following images show the visiting locos and rolling stock on the line.

B&UR goods entering the station (Photo: Chris Thompson)
The quarryman’s train rounds the curve (Photo: Trevor)
Passing (Photo: Trevor)
Clara with a passenger train (Photo: Chris Thompson)
Quarrymen approaching the station (Photo: Trevor)
Gravity train (Photo: Trevor)
Welsh Pony (Photo: Chris Thompson)
Passenger train around the shrubs (Photo: Chris Thompson)
Funkey (Photo: Trevor)
Jessie with a car (Photo: Chris Thompson)
Four wheelers on the curve (Photo: Trevor)
Linda in steam (Photo: Chris Thompson)
Lady Anne with a passenger train (Photo: Trevor)
Funkey with a passenger train (Photo: Chris Thompson)
Departing the station (Photo: Trevor)
Hunslet with a passenger train (Photo: Chris Thompson)
Tippers (Photo: Trevor)
Lady Anne In the steam up siding (Photo: Chris Thompson)
Double Fairlie departing with a passenger train (Photo: Trevor)
Lilla with a mixed train (Photo: Chris Thompson)
Passenger train approaching the station (Photo: Trevor)
Double Fairlie at Efailwen (Photo: Chris Thompson)

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